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BeSTTM is a vendor for voc rehab, employment departments, and major universities in states across the country.

Ask if we are already established in your state!

Private Entrance for SUNYAB students

  • No surcharge to pay using your credit card.

  • BeSTTM accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, PayPal, and PayPal Credit!

As a BeSTTM grad, we will list you in our Professional Scopist Directory which is distributed to reporters and reporting agencies.

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BeST Scoping Techniques
Welcome Center

Welcome Center
BeST Scoping TechniquesTM is a self-paced on-line scopist training program presented by Cathy Knox and Judy Rakocinski that will help you learn all the skills needed to become a successful scopist. We've tried to anticipate many of the questions you might have about scoping and our scopist training course, so please review the enrollment application and course outline by clicking the links below and let us know if there are other things you'd like to ask about scoping and the scopist training we provide. We welcome your questions and comments. You can contact Cathy in Ohio or Judy in Florida via email and/or the phone numbers shown on the Contact Us page.

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What scopists do:
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Course Overview

The Frequently Asked Questions (below) about scoping in general and about our scopist training program in particular should help answer many of the questions you may have. Feel free to contact Cathy or Judy for additional information about scoping or our scoping course.

Scoping FAQ

BeSTTM Scoping Course FAQ

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  • As you're searching for information about BeSTTM, don't be fooled by other outfits who sprinkle our course name around their own website in an attempt to lure you in.
  • As you're preparing to begin your scoping training, don't be lured by "cheap" programs with misleading claims.
  • Do your homework before you are swayed by another training program. Does the instructor have many years of actual experience as a scopist or have they simply been teaching in another field?
  • With BeSTTM there is no additional training material to purchase. Everything's included in one price.
  • We assist our BeSTTM graduates in finding work, and they usually wind up so busy that they have to turn work away!
  • BeSTTM hours of operation are not limited to 9 to 5 Monday through Friday. We are responsive to your questions 7 days a week.
So if you've just enrolled, get ready to learn a lot, have some fun, and begin a scoping career that lets you work at home, be your own boss, and set your own hours!

Throughout the course, watch for the BeSTTM jet (for a fun field trip) or the BeSTTM Practice sign (for some extra work on important topics).

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