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Grammar and punctuation are important skills for a scopist to have. See how you do! Correct the following sentences. Add or fix any missing or incorrect punctuation and/or spelling errors. Use any reference material you think would be helpful. Submit your corrected sentences to Cathy. Please make the subject of your email "BeST Skills Analysis" and be sure to include your full name.
    1. Bill woke up at 2 A.M..
    2. Dr Smith is a wonderful dr but i perfer doctor jones
    3. i wonder if it's going to snow or rein today
    4. Mindy got up vary early for class but Susan slept in and missed the test
    5. I thought I did realy we'll watching my money however I still ended up being short at the end of the month
    6. He went on a two hour cruise but he didnt return for fore hours
    7. When I go on vacation I like playing tennis kayaking and sitting by the pool
    8. Im too years old Jack said and Im a big boy now
    9. Our company needs up to date technology
    10. Who's book is that over their on the counter
    11. The local fruite stand has tomato's for sail on monday's
    12. I was suppose to right a letter to there familys but I forgot
    13. I want to bye a new car but I cant find one I like any where
    14. Since youll want saturday off your going to have to work harder on Friday
    15. If you go to the store will you by some milk cheese and butter

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