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In The Spotlight

In The Spotlight - Edition 1 - Continued (Page 2)

YCSR: What sets BeST apart from other scopist schools?

C&J: While other scoping training programs may teach many of the
necessary skills, our focus is to combine teaching technical and
practical knowledge with a little fun along the way in such a way
that our students feel totally supported and cared for, both during
their training and after. We use Adobe Acrobat documents for our
on-line lesson material that the students download and print, and we
include three shipments of books and other lesson material, as well.
The initial shipment includes text books, a lesson plan, and various
study aids. At about halfway through the course, we send our students
a "midterm pak" that includes more lesson material along with goodies
and treats. At the completion of the course, we send a "graduation pak"
which they are instructed not to open until we are conducting their on-line
graduation ceremony! The graduations are a totally fun way to honor the
graduate, celebrate their achievement, and kick off their new career, and
anyone who has Internet access can attend! As BeST graduates, they
get a custom web page - www.scopist.biz - and matching business cards,
plus the first opportunity to respond to work leads generated by our site at

YCSR: How long is your program?

C&J: The course is self-paced and the students can go as fast or as slow
as other demands on their time dictate, but two to three months has been
an average completion time.

YCSR: Where do you see the scopist industry in 5 years?

C&J: Scopists are enjoying more advances in technology now then ever
before. CAT (computer-aided transcription) systems are becoming more
user friendly and more flexible (albeit more sophisticated) with each new
update. With the arrival of AudioSync, an integrated sound file, a
scopist can now listen to the audio of the proceedings without the
reporter having to send audiotapes. We sometimes hear from people who
are worried about the future of court reporting (and thus scoping) with
the advance of "electronic" courtrooms and voice-recognition software,
but none of these can produce a written transcript without a human
involved. With the proper professional training, a scopist will continue to
be a vital part of the process reporters rely on to keep their own production
high and turn out accurate verbatim transcripts.

What type of support do you offer for your students?

C&J: Our support for our students is ongoing. There is no time limit on
our professional advice or expertise. We pride ourselves on being just a
click away at all times. With the addition of ReporterSupport.com, we
now have a continuous stream of court reporters coming to us for scoping
help. We have many major firms all around the country linked directly
to our service and we are able to help most of them find a scopist
within 24 hours of their post. Our graduates stay as busy as they want
to be and know that if they ever need anything, they can always count
on us.

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