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In The Spotlight - Edition 1 - Continued (Page 3)

YCSR: Any hints as to what we can expect next from Cathy & Judy?

C&J: Now, there's the question of the day! We don't sit still for long. We
are constantly working on adding new items to the BeST campus or coming
up with new features for our graduates to offer to their clients. For example,
we now supply all of our graduates with an electronic "Reporter
Preference Sheet" on their web page that their clients can easily
access. The reporter is able to fill out the form which indicates
different punctuation preferences and send it directly to the scopist
via email. We are currently working on the newest design of the
ScopistSupportGroup.com web site where scopists from all training
backgrounds can take advantage of the information we have compiled over
our many years in this business. We have made available an easy-to-use
FTP file upload and download mechanism that can be used in conjunction
with a scopist's or reporter's own web site to handle the transfer of
the large AudioSync .wav files. We come up with new ideas all the time,
and we're always working on ways to keep things fresh and on the cutting
edge of technology and the scoping field.

If you had to give advice to a student who just graduated
from your school, what would it be?

C&J: The best advice we would give a new graduate is to always
communicate completely and be upfront with all the reporters they work
with. Communication is the most important ingredient both in the beginning
of the new working relationship and continuously in the long run. They
should ask questions so they know what's expected of them, and they
should know what their own strengths and limitations are. Never take on
a job that they can't meet the deadline.


Tim Kelly

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