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In The Spotlight

In The Spotlight - Edition 1

I'm sure most of you have heard of Notre Dame's "Fighting Irish" or how about
Cal State Fullerton's "Titans"? But have you ever heard of "The BeST Owls"?
Well, BeST (Best Scoping Techniques) doesn't actually have a school team or
colors, but they do have an outstanding online self-paced scopist program that
will "help you learn all of the skills needed to become a successful scopist."

From the first visit to their web site, I was very impressed by their opening
page, which featured the phrase "Unlock the Door to Your Future" with an
image of an old fashioned key about to unlock a door. I soon found myself
in their "Main Campus" which contained student areas and public areas.
This virtual campus contained a library, graduation and party rooms, a campus
corkboard and more.

As my tour of their site continued, I learned a great amount of information
about what their scoping program offered and who created BeST.

Cathy Vickio and Judy Rakocinski not only created BeST, but they are the
instructors as well. Their web site has a section called "Meet the Instructors,"
where you can learn all about how they met and how they created BeST.

Upon joining their program, you will receive a welcome package, as well as
a mid-term package. The majority of their lessons are downloaded from their
web site.

Cathy and Judy were kind enough to allow me to interview them online. The
following are answers to questions I asked them:

YCSR: Why should a reporter use a scopist?

C&J: A scopist can assist a reporter in many ways. First, they can be
editing jobs while the reporter is out taking more work (or just
relaxing!), which frees up time on the reporter's schedule. Second,
they can contribute their knowledge of punctuation, spelling, grammar,
etc., to the job so the reporter can turn in as close to perfect a job
as possible. Additionally, scopists who can read the reporter's steno
notes can help resolve untranslated steno without needing to hear audio,
and can define job dictionary entries which the reporter can add to
their main dictionary, which results in better translation rates for
future jobs.

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