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Best Scoping Techniques - An on-line self-paced training course to teach you how to become a successful scopist. As a scopist you will edit and proofread transcripts for court reporters. Scopist, scoping, scopist training, scoping training, scopist course, scoping course, scopist program, scoping program, scopist school, scoping school, learn to scope, scope school

Merriam-Webster Online - The WWWebster Dictionary. With this dictionary, you can do "sounds like" searches and wild card searches. Try putting in a word you know how to spell, but misspelled, i.e., kantaleevur, and see what happens. Excellent resource!!! dictionary - You can go to their site, or use it right from here

Spellex - Online Medical Dictionary Spell Checking Tool, or you can just use this handy-dandy search right here on this page.
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Click here for helpful hints on looking up words. Courtesy of Spellex Development

One-Look Dictionary - 2,844,798 words in 589 dictionaries now indexed. Or you can search the internet for a dictionary with the word right here on this site: (Powered by OneLook® Dictionaries)
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HINTS: Adding wild cards expands the search. (* = any number of characters and ? = exactly one character). For example, "tomo*ow," "tomo??ow" or "tomor*" will find "tomorrow."

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