Houston - September 26 - 28, 2003
Trip Report & Pictures

As the day neared for Judy's arrival in Houston and our presentation of "The Scoop About Scoping" at the HCRA annual seminar on the 27th, I had everything scheduled down to the hour - finishing my scoping work, getting the house cleaned up, doing a big grocery shopping, coloring my hair (shh!), etc. But the best laid plans...

It turned out that the tummy ache John had had for several days was acute appendicitis!! So Wednesday was spent in and out of the hospital getting a CT scan, consulting with the surgeon, and arranging for his surgery the next day (Thursday). He wasn't in much pain, so we were okay with the short delay, but they told him not to eat after midnight Wednesday as he was to go in at noon on Thursday. His surgery was delayed till nearly 8 p.m. due to OR overscheduling, but finally he went in for the 30-minute laparoscopic appendectomy and did just fine. (Except for being very hungry!) Since it was so late in the day and since he was on anticoagulate meds due to his previous heart surgery, they kept him overnight just for observation - which gave me a chance to race home and try to get the house in some semblance of order for the next day!!
While all this was going on in Houston, Judy's departure from Florida was nearly as hectic because while she was here in Texas, her husband and three kids were going to spend three days in Disney! So not only was she packing herself, but everything they would need too!
Friday morning:   If you know the Houston area, you know that Bush Intercontinental Airport is quite a ways north of the city. I live quite a ways southwest of the city. Judy's plane arrived at 8:15 a.m. and I didn't allow enough time to get there before she did! But when I finally made it, I found her patiently waiting in the baggage area and it was *SOOOOOO* good to see her!!
So we made a stop at IHOP for breakfast and then went to the hospital to pick up John and bring him home. He was doing incredibly well and we had to keep reminding him not to pick up things or do anything too strenuous. We got John comfy at home on the couch and went to the grocery store and then came home and had dinner. Judy was enjoying meeting the birds and Alice (the dog) and I was enjoying showing her our home as this was her first time to visit us. :)
That night we rehearsed our presentation for the next day and made a few last-minute changes and decided we were as ready as we were going to be.

Got up the next morning and made a yummy coffee cake to get us revved up for the day. We were scheduled to go on at 2:45, so we went up to the hotel well in advance to get fitted with cordless mikes and watch the presentation just before ours. The room was packed with court reporters and we spotted the folks that we knew from the HCRA board and were warmly greeted.

Finally it was time for us to take the stage!! Our "The Scoop About Scoping" presentation was well received and we had many people come up to us afterward and tell us they really enjoyed it. Too bad the audio-visual crew never could get our PowerPoint slides to appear on the big screen!!! But we did the whole presentation without the slides and it still was a success. (We can just use the PowerPoint show next year!)

After we were finished, there was a break and ice cream was available for everyone. Dolly Hall and Barbara Sulak caught up to us and we joined them for dinner at a good BBQ and fried shrimp restaurant - yum!! Then Judy and I headed home to tell John about our big day. :)

The next day the three of us went to church and Judy got to hear me sing in the choir. We went to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch and then brought John home, and Judy and I ran some important errands - like going to Krispy Kreme, going to Starbucks - and then came home and played out on the patio with the birds till it was time to take her to the airport again. I knew the weekend would fly by, but that was *WAY* too fast!!

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Cathy and Judy

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