Tampa - July 19, 2003
Trip Report & Pictures

Hi everyone!   We are home safe and sound from Florida.   It was such a wonderful (and fast!) few days, and we thank God for allowing us to spend time together.   We got to Sun City Center on Wednesday afternoon and kind of took over Cathy's mom's house, and we all stayed up super late each night just talking.   What a fun slumber party we had ;)

Thursday afternoon was spent having some professional pictures taken in Tampa, and we will be putting some of them on the BeST site soon.

Friday was kind of a day off and was spent visiting and napping and eating.

The Tampa luncheon get-together Saturday was great.   We were thrilled that so many of you were able to attend and it was neat to finally put faces to the names.   It was so nice hearing our BeST students and grads talk about their new scoping careers (grin).   Thank you again, Tammy, for welcoming us all into your lovely home!

(Click here to see pictures.)

Exciting Announcement!

Now, we've teased you about having some big news, so it's time to spill the details.   We have been invited to participate in the Houston Court Reporters Association annual seminar in September!   We will be giving an hour-long presentation called "The Scoop About Scoping," discussing the benefits of working with a scopist and how to have a successful scopist-reporter relationship.

As if being invited to participate wasn't big enough, we have also been given accreditation by the Texas Court Reporters Certification Board!   This means that our segment will be among those that will enable reporters to earn their required CEU (continuing education units)!

What does our participation in this mean to you?   Well, we expect to be presenting to over 150 reporters that day. We will be showcasing ReporterSupport.com.   Those reporters and their firms will be invited to head over to ReporterSupport.com and add their firm link and/or use the service for the independent reporters!   We think this will generate a lot of new leads for everyone!

Our presentation event will be the afternoon of Saturday, September 27th, so we will be planning a Houston get-together that weekend.   Judy will be flying into Houston on Friday the 26th and staying until Sunday evening the 28th. We're hoping to have many of you join us for lunch or dinner that Friday or lunch on Sunday.   If you think you might be able to attend, please let us know.   It's not right around the corner, but we're just trying to get an idea of how many people might be able to make it.

Thank you again for everyone who joined in the Tampa luncheon!

Judy and Cathy

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